Let's Drool Over Fall Hats

My short hair was cheek-bone defining and generally sassy, but it was not hat friendly. Since I've been growing my hair out, I now have a nice, face-framing fringe to peak out from a chapeau. Hat shopping for all! I'm drunk on felt, feathers and wee belts!structured beret with bow, Zappos $42
feather-trimmed fedora, Target $14.99
fuchsia cloche, Mod Cloth $49.99

feather band fedora, Madewell $68
burgundy floppy hat, Urban Outfitters $34
green cloche, Anthropologie $58
flower cloche, Target $16.99
ribbon trim newsboy, Anthropologie $48
navy boater, Urban Outfitters $46
leopard riding cap, Charlotte Russe $14.50


I'm loving the cloche hat. I need to get my hands on a good pattern so I can make one. ^_^
Fanya said…
Ok, how do you make the hats stay on your head?

I mean, I've got a fedora and a floppy brim. They are cute, but the slightest of wind can blow the floppy one off my head, and I basically can't wear it. =(
Jael Paris said…
There's a band inside the hat that is actually what creates friction to keep the hat on your head. If you can take your hat off and you don't see it tug your hair at all, then try to fold that band out some. Of course, there's no hope for certain winds, which is why we have berets.
Jennifer Wells said…
"I'm drunk on felt, feathers and wee belts!"

Let's get drunk together!

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