$150 Challenge: Pack Attack

When I married, I converted. Being a lifelong Wisconsinite, Hubby is a Packers fan, but I grew up in a Bears household. We've agreed to cheer for both teams (because more football is always a win), but when Green Bay and Chicago duke it out, we go Green Bay. I've always liked the simplicity of the Packer's uniforms (apply also to Bears). No metallics. No tertiary colors. No graphics fancier than a stripe and an ovular G. You might even say the uniforms are a little ugly, but it's football ugly which is a-okay.
Green Bay Packers

Target:Merona® Women's Tab Waist Ponte Dress, $30
Cotton knee socks, $14
Pour La Victoire green shoes, $38.70
Juicy Couture gold tone football necklace, $43
Old navy hat, $10.50
Essie Pretty Edgy nailpolish, $8


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