A Rainbow Of Must-Have Dresses

The current lingo calls this style "fit-and-flare." I always think of them, especially the full skirted versions, as modified Dior's. This classic silhouette, fitted through the torso and loose about the hips, looks good on everyone. If you're buying a knit, the fit is almost fool-proof. It's my ultimate lazy work dress; nothing could be more effortless. Now you just have to settle on a color.
Dress Rainbow

Nishe reversible dress
$110 - asos.com

Bodice dress
$88 - fredflare.com

ASOS scoop back dress
$82 - asos.com

Violet skater dress
$95 - topshop.com

Red club shirtdress
$50 - modcloth.com

If you like one of the shapes above but not the color, fear not. Several of these stores (Top Shop and J. Crew in particular) stock these styles year 'round and change the colors each season.


Jennifer Wells said…
I'll take them all, please. Especially the purple skater dress.
Catie D. said…
I really like the skirts on these, but I find that the it hits the biggest part of my stomach, unlike an empire waist, which fits the smallest part. I wind up looking like a bloated Saturn with droopy rings.
becca said…
I love the green dress!

Catie, I'm the same way. I'm high waisted so my waist is pretty much where empire waists hit me. Any "natural waist" dresses add several inches to my waistline.
Unknown said…
I love all the dresses! Unfortunately because of my body shape I can't fit in these very cute styles! Especially the dresses....(hourglass shape + large breasts +5'10 = the look of an overgrown baby on steroids in theses dresses)
Trust me I would love to just grab a cute dress and a pair of flats and go out but like i said before they really just not made for us gals with curves! I'm not fat but I'm not a stick either! And anything that looks like these adorable dresses and fit are either very pricey or a real vintage lookalike and you don't want that on a date!
I don't think the fashion world realizes that alot of their costomers have figures and would love to wear their styles but just can't! Yeas the fashion world has come a long way but personally I think it has alot more to go!
becca said…

Thanks for your comment. I understand. I'm 5'7", with an hourglass shape and a large bust. These little fit & flare dresses don't work on my either.

I did a post on Empire waist dresses that might suit you better (I love them): http://www.fashionmefabulous.com/2011/09/rainbow-of-empire-waist-dresses.html

Also, I'm a big fan of a loose blouse with a fitted skirt or a fitted (but stretch like a jersey tank) top with a flouncy skirt. I find these accommodate my shape and give me that adorable and easy look I crave without making me look odd or as you put it like an overgrown baby on steroids.

There's fashion out there for us, we just have to look for different proportions.

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