A Rainbow of Empire Waist Dresses

Last week, Jael posted a rainbow of must-have dresses, all of which were stunning. Sadly, some of us (like me and our reader Catie) struggle with dresses that fit at the natural waist. My natural waist is too high so some such dresses hit me at a weird, not so tiny part of my body and make me look wider than I am. I'm better off in an empire waist for an easy, flattering fit. And like Jael said in her post, if you buy a knit the fit will be fool-proof. These are my ultimate lazy dresses that I know will make me look chic and effortless. (Tip: If the v-necks are too low for you, layer with camisoles. As a bonus, this lets you add pops of color or embellishments like lace or beads for an extra special look.)
A Rainbow of Empire Waist Dresses


Catie D. said…
I'm sorry, but I don't think you understand how CRUEL it is to tempt me with these BEAUTIFUL dress (I am drooling over the teal an green ones!!) when I am head over heels in college debt. >.<


Just kidding =D Great picks!! My hips and butt are just too big for the natural waist dress, which is a shame, because Old Navy has all of their summer stuff on spectacular clearance right now.

Nikell said…
I find empire waits to be very comfy. However, there are certain style that make me look... pregger lol. The ones you've chosen here are very pretty. I love the colors too ^_^

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