Pick of the Week: Dries Instantly

As a teen, I'd get so frustrated that my home manicures were never as glass-like as those in beauty ads. Even if I got the polish perfect and let it dry for hours, I'd still end up with pillow weave pressed into my nails by morning. Ruined! Manicures frustrated me in other ways. I'm an avid reader, so the streaks of color my nails would leave on my books did not make me happy. For a time, I just gave up on painting my nails.

While killing some time in the drug store one day, I noticed Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat. Even though most of my nail polishes claim to come with a topcoat, none of them dry instantly. Instantly is pretty accurate too. The topcoat takes mere seconds to dry and you can then touch whatever you want without smudges, streaks or prints. If your polish was bumpy, the topcoat gives it that perfect glassy sheen teenage me so coveted. It's really strong too. I've been coating my nails every couple of days and I'm still wearing the same perfect manicure I've been wearing for a week.


Nikell said…
Hmm... Thanks for sharing! As an adult, I still crave that glass manicure shine. I'll have to check that out.

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