New York Fashion Week SS12: Zac Posen, Philosophy, Ralph Lauren

Who: Zac Posen
What it made us think of: What if the 1940s hadn't been so rationed and explody?
What we liked: trumpet skirts, ruffles, retro, romance, show-stopping gowns
What we didn't: Those two seasons Zac was in Paris. Welcome back!
Who: Philosophy
What it made us think of: A hard-partying flapper falls in love with a country gentlemen and learns to embrace her softer side before tragically dying of consumption.
What we liked: 1920s! unbraided and brushed crimpy hair, colorful mary janes, night gown dresses, embroidery, dropped waists. This show is so romantic, I want to put on some lace and silk and go have a picnic with my husband.
What we didn't: It's too cold for a lace and silk picnic.
Who: Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: The Great Gatsby cast shops the costume closet before hitting the town for cocktails. (Fun fact, Lauren did the costume's for the 1970s version of Gatsby.)
What we liked: cloches, fringed scarf bags, wide leg pants, vintagey jewelry, feather embellishments, sharp suits,
What we didn't: retiree pastels, chintzy florals
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