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Monday, September 19, 2011

New York Fashion Week SS12: Suno, Prabal Gurung, Jill Stuart

Who: Suno
What it made us think of: Linens & Things with all the tablecloth, wallpaper and place mat prints, plus a few decor "art" prints thrown in.
What we liked: The bird dress (want!), lace, playful prints, layered skirts, peplum, collars/necklines, men's pajama sleeves, wide leg pants
What we didn't: Lack of color compared to past outings, some awkward layering. Also, in the effort to edit and focus, the line lost a little of the playfulness I've come to love, only a little though.
Who: Prabal Gurung
What it made us think of: Floral-themed Music Visualizer
What we liked: Prints, harness details, jackets, ombre
What we didn't: Some of the ruffled bit looked busy, some of the sheer
Who: Jill Stuart
What it made us think of: Once upon a time, a princess lived in a cotton candy palace in the clouds with a thousand hummingbirds. Their paradise was hidden from view by the tallest palm trees in the land. But one day....
What we liked: Scallop hem tutu-like skirts, girlish suits & jacket, vivid pastels, hummingbirds
What we didn't: Not sure if I could wear palm trees, but that may be a personal issue.
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1 comment:

Fanya said...

o.m.g I want that white/purple Prabal Gurung suit+shoes SO is absolutely ridiculous and I LOVE IT!.

I also love Jill Stuart's play on color matching and shapes, but I can replicate similar stuff from my closet. But that Prabal suit can go very very wrong if not careful...aawww...I want that suit...