New York Fashion WEek SS12: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Who: Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: A woman with a fashion mood disorder who can't decide among preppy, sporty and Chanel-inspired chic. She frequently accidentally tucks her skirt into the front of her pantyhose, and in her spare time she likes to fashion sundresses and skirts out of gingham oil cloth and clear plastic ponchos.
What we liked: Jackets, sporty sweatshirts, some of the awkwardly bunched skirts, the plastic fringe or pleat (couldn't always tell) skirts.
What we didn't: Cellophane as skirt, skirt bunching, shiny gingham, a lot of things. This wasn't Marc's best show.
Who: Marc by Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: A scattered sampling of fashion history refashioned in neon with exaggerated proportions.
What we liked: Swimsuits, shoes, most of the dresses, suits, well-constructed basics, bags, watches, sunglasses
What we didn't: It often felt too basic and not as interesting as I expect Marc to be, but it was far more wearable than his signature line.


Nikell said…
I totally agree. What's up with the plastic? On a good note, I do like the color blocking...reminds me of Legos ^_^
Jael Paris said…
I think Marc's distracted by the Dior negotiations, which makes me worry about what his lines will become if that goes through.

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