New York Fashion Week SS12: Jason Wu, Julian Louie, Vera Wang

Who: Jason Wu
What it made us think of: Leslie Caron, 1950s French actress and dancer
What we liked: Ladylike dresses, Cristobal Balenciaga-like skirts, vivid colors
What we didn't: Too short shorts, see-through tops
Who: Julian Louie
What it made us think of: Color field painting meets nature photography
What we liked: Color blocking, photo-real prints, pretty dresses
What we didn't: nothing
Who: Vera Wang
What it made us think of: One part (less amazing) McQueen's Plato's Atlantis, one part upcycled vintage night gowns and one part bedsheets. I love parts and was terribly confused by others.
What we liked: Prints, bright colors, structured ruffles, peplum
What we didn't: See-through tops, granny panties as pants
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Amy Joy said…
Love Love Love the Julian Louie flower scene in the dresses amazing very unique and creative.

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