Love or Loathe: Prada's Fall Boots

Snake skin and print was all over the Fall/Winter 2011 runway; now it's all over shoes and accessories. I'm okay with some of it, but I have words for these colorful snake-trimmed boots from Prada. Specifically: gaudy, ew, and there's a lot of lot there. However, I've yet to see any print boot that makes me swoony. Perhaps you love their nerdy, retro whimsy and can't wait for Steve Madden to knock them off. Let me hear it in the comments.


Jennifer Wells said…
It's funny, I look at these boots and chuckle at sixteen or seventeen-year-old me who would have thought they were just the bees' knees.
Catie D. said…
I don't like them - the heel looks downright phallic, and I'm all for Freudian symbols, but I generally draw the line at movies and literature >.<
Nikell said…
No way...not feeling them at all. It's like either wear a solid boot, or get some Mary janes with socks already.
Cait Throop said…
Hate them--hate the prints and hate the heels!

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