London Fashion Week: Fashion Fringe

Fashion Fringe is an annual British fashion event in search of extraordinary new talent. This even strive to promote the future of British fashion. The three semi-finalist (shows below) gave a great show. (If only Project Runway had fashion half this good.)

Jade Kang's collection was my least favorite of the three, but still far more interesting than most of what I saw at New York Fashion Week. He had interesting ideas, but they just aren't the type I gravitate toward.
Alice Palmer did things I never imagined one could do with accordion pleats. The collection was sharp but still feminine.
John Galliano (the honorary chair of the event) may have said it was difficult to choose a winner, but I think he was just being diplomatic. Corrie Nielsen's collection was simply stunning, although there was nothing simple about it. She exaggerated proportion, played up old aristocratic styles, gave a peek into the history of fashion and created timely pieces all in one little capsule collection. Her win is well deserved, and I look forward to following her career.
Which Fashion Fringe collection was your favorite?
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Jael Paris said…
This makes me want to weep with joy. Fun, imaginative clothes!

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