The Horror: Care. Keep You Hands Out Of The Air.

Barbie had awesome clothes. Her skirts could be tops. Her evening dress was also a sassy cocktail dress and the skirt became a bag for you! Barbie has always had outlandish couture dreams. This outlandish dress would be perfect for Barbie. After all, only a woman who needs your help standing and insists you carry her across the room could wear a minidress with the sleeves attached to the skirt.


Fanya said…
At first glance I was like "oh it's a cute dress!" then I realized the sleeves. I can't believe this allowed. It's...I...I've got no word for it.

I'm also rendered speechless by the fact it has 4 votes, and there's also a top with the same sleeve in the recommended link on the bottom.
Nikell said…
I agree with Fanya! My first words were "Really? No...are they serious?!" There has to be a law against this somewhere (lol)
Cait Throop said…
Boy, tough to hail a cab...oh, hmmmm...maybe not.

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