Fashion 'Round the Web

For the record, celebrities, makeover subjects, and pretty much everyone else you see on a screen gets their off-the-rack clothes tailored. Your body is not the problem. (Whatever, etc.)

Did the sartorial fails of the VMAs signify an imbalance between fashion and music? (Vulture)

Large footed ladies, there's a blog just for your shoe lusty needs. (My Lovely Big Feet)

American Apparel (who should go bankrupt and belly-up faster) ran a patronizing and questionable plus-sized model search. This awesome woman entered as a joke on the company's treatment of plus-sized women and won. (Jezebel)

Cats make fashion better --or at least less serious. (Fashionista)

Susie Bubble is excited about turtlenecks as cravats. (Style Bubble)

One Management put together some psychedelic cards promoting their models for fashion week. (


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