Etsy Shop of the Week: Zuuzuu'z Apparel

Shop: Zuuzuu'z Apparel

We've reached that in between season. It's just becoming fall and just leaving summer. The mornings are cooler, slowing down, requiring that extra cup of coffee. Yet midday still comes with a bright sun and the warmth of summer. I love this transition, but I feel the need to change my clothes several times a day, which is why layers are the best compromise. Start the morning out in a basic shurg like these ones from Zuuzuu'z Apparel. It's all you need for the sleepy mornings and crisp, cool evenings. They look great with a sundress or sleeveless top and you'll be able to remove them to stay cool for that warm summer sun that's still lingering during the day. Best of all, they come in nearly every color you can think of.

Price Range: $36 - $48

Favorite Items: Mustard Yellow Knit Shrug $40 (pictured); Grassy Green Knit Shrug $40; Teal Blue Knit Shrug $40; Lilac Diamond Weave Knit Shrug $44; Sky Blue Ridged Lace Knit Shrug $44; Honey Brown Knit Shrug $40; Mocha Cream Fern Lace Knit Shrug $40


Jael Paris said…
I want that shrug. Want it now.
becca said…
I think I want the teal and green ones.

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