Etsy Shop of the Week: zerkahloostrah

Shop: zerkahloostrah

Why We Love It: Custom, handmade shoes. That has a ring to it doesn't it? Someday I'm going to invest in a pair of custom, handmade shoes. And I did say invest. These shoes don't fall in the "budget" category, but they will pay for themselves in time. If you order a custom pair they'll fit like a dream, and they will last longer than most lower price shoes. Also, these shoes are made to be repaired and worn forever. I would love to never have to throw away my favorite shoes. This shop also carries handmade leather goods and a few other trinkets.

Price Range: Shoes: $182.50 - $700, Leather Goods: $42 - $240

Links: Website / Flickr / Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items: Top:
Circus b'zerkus Handmade Platform Pumps in Red & Yellow, $365 (also in black)
Red Flower Kitten Heels, $365
Custom Brogue Booties, $500 (want!)
BadManBag Messenger, $180
Eyeball Kid the Wallet, $42

Pictured Top Right: White & Yellow T-Straps, $365


rachel said…
These shoes are so nice looking! Now all I need is a few extra $100's to get a pair

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