$150 Challenge: Work From Home

I work from home, which has advantages. However, working in my pajamas all day hardly inspires me to write fashion articles. Plus, it makes me feel less than productive. If I need to run out for some research or emergency coffee, I have to scramble together an outfit. I'd like to get some affordable (working from home pays way less than I'd like) and relaxed work clothes that will be comfy to lounge around in yet chic enough to run out to meet a friend for a last-minute lunch (advantage of working from home). This outfit (6 cents shy of $150) captures the essentials for home--relax-fit pants, draped top and warm cardigan, which make perfect lounge clothes. To run out the door I just need a tote for my laptop, notebook, wallet and phone paired with killer, slip-on shoes (if your shoes are great people focus on those and excuse the wrinkles in your pants from writing in bed) and a bit of statement jewelry to tie it all together. This even works for casual office environments or casual Fridays.
$150 Challenge: Work From Home/Casual Work Day

Draped Top, Kohls, $25.20
Cocoon Cardigan, Target, $22.99
French Connection Tapered Pants, Yoox, $22
Slip-On Wedge Loafers, Zappos, $55
Tote/Laptop Bag, ASOS, $21.95
Rhinestone Mouse Ring, Forever 21, $2.80


Nikell said…
I too work from home. I love fashion and I love to dress up. But I hardly have a need for real "work" clothing since my husband and I own our own business and are home most of the time. The pieces you've selected here are great!! They are comfy but yet still chic. This look is something I would wear...even if just around the house. ^_^
Jennifer Wells said…
I'm also able to sometimes work from home, and I think your selections are great. Staying comfortable while you work from home helps you to stay awake. If you're wearing something restrictive that puts you in an uncomfortable position, then it makes you feel tired.

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