Someone Clueless Talks VMA ... Attire

My Pandora stations are seeded with artists like Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor, and Adele. If an artist wouldn't show up on one of those stations (or happens to be an obscure Christian rock band from the 90s who, of course, score all sorts of MTV invites) then I have no idea who they are.

Look! Adele was there! Whew, I know someone. I love her big hair. No doubt critics think "you don't put a big girl in big hair" but that retro hair is so soft and bouncy. Plus, it totally goes with her sound. From the neck down, however, she's a little too casual day dress for the event. Wait, that still makes her better dressed than most of these people. (Are they people?) She was frankly stunning during her performance. Stunning.

Someone suckered me into listening to Jessie J because "she sounds like Adele." That person is a liar, but kudos to Jessie for managing her bum leg so well. I can't even knock the circus outfit. Showing up injured makes you pretty awesome in my book. Here's a Miss Congeniality award, Jessie. Maybe next year you can wear real bottoms and sing a whole song on air.
Katy Perry looks like a blend of anime and candy. I was sad that she abandoned the black hair, but this outfit is so adorable I don't care. The colors are fun, the fit is perfect, and the accessories were well-chosen. I want a doll of her.
From here I thought everyone else was too boring, too insane or too reality TV to bother giving brain power to. Who had your favorite look at Sunday's VMAs?


Anonymous said…
A lot of people have been going for the anime look recently... I remember seeing Selena Gomez wearing an Asian inspired dress! Interesting. -Berri Goldfarb PR
Fanya said…
It's a bit ironic that I come here for fashion posts and never brought your suggestions, either cute-but-cheap or quality-but-too-expensive, and ended up buying an Adele CD due to this post.

I saw "Adele" and googled her because I like the hooked on rolling in the deep, and finally caved in and brought her CD. Currently savoring the album....

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