Pick of the Week: Most Poetic Licence Shoes

Let's take a moment to lament the current state of shoes. It seems that everything is nude or a platform or a psychotically-high heel. The trends are chunk, slub and irony. Not a fan. Not at all.

Three cheers for Poetic Licence, a company with a clear vision and that vision is me. Quirky, retro, colorful and walkable, their shoes have been featured as numerous weekly picks. This week, caught in the throes of a passionate shoe lust, I'm featuring four.

"Lovely Surprise" is indeed that. I'm not ofen taken with flats, but these are a delight. The prints are eye catching, but they've moved a step beyond with the bright patent trim and asymmetrical t-strap.
Oh, "Love Letter" how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! The straps! The buttons! The tweed ruffle! The overall feeling of English school marm! The heel is perfect for wearing everyday, and the cut of this shoe would make it indispensable footwear for fall. ($98)
The "Charm School" pump ($98) should be renamed "becca." I can imagine her wearing these happy green dots with a black dress and cat pendant. That would be her McGonagall costume.
I will buy the "Backlash Bootie". The houndstooth is just the sort of menswear detail I swoon for. The contrasting scalloped edge is like the chocolate sauce on a sundae. Though they don't stay in place well, I'm a sucker for ribbon laces. Now should I get mustard (yes!), green or brown? Or all?
Bonus! Endless is having 20% off select items right now, and both "Charm School" and "Backlash Bootie" are part of the chosen.


Kasmira said…
I am also drooling over the Backlash bootie in mustard. So cute!
Jael Paris said…
I want to wear them with my rust bell sleeve cardigan and long teal gloves!
becca said…
Oh Poetic Licence, how I love thee!

And you are very right, the "Charm School" pump should be remaned "becca." They should also trot into my closet ASAP. (They really would be my McGonagall costume!)

The backlash bootie is awesome as well. The mustard is stunning, but you can't go wrong with any of them. I'm loving the grey...
Nikell said…
I LOVE the backlash booties. The flats... ehh...not so much.
rachel said…
I want the booties. Unfortunately they're not my size. I have yet to find satisfactory booties in my size.

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