Pick of the Week: Big Giant Hat

For the last three summers, I've been questing for the perfect straw hat. Rounded dome, wide brim with the perfect degree of flop, minimal ribbon. I've found a few in my search, but crazy people wanted a crazy $70 or more for them. Last week, I found a great black one on clearance at TJ Maxx, but the search continues as I want one of these perfect hats in black, white and natural. It's a small basic thing really, but people have been responding to me like I'm some sort of angelic creature. Strange since a big hat is really my alternative to sunglasses, but being called a movie star isn't bad. Target is going to help build my hat wardrobe with this lovely natural hat with scant leather band and marled edge. And it's only $12.99! Perfect for the non-celebrity's budget.


Jennifer Wells said…
It will make you look very mysterious!
Jael Paris said…
I really want a fascinator with a short black veil so I can live out my noir dreams.

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