Missoni for Target Preview

It's been a while since I've been excited about a Target designer collaboration. The last several have been disappointing or so minor they register on my radar. Targets new Missoni collection, due to debut in stores September 13, has my attention. This is the broadest designer range we've seen Target tackle. They aren't just offering women's clothing and accessories. They've expanded the line to include girls clothing, menswear, shoes, accessories, home decor, patio furniture and even a bicycle. The prices range from $2.99 to $599.99, but Target reports that most items will stay under $40 (whew!).

In the past, I've seen Target struggle with intricate designs while trying to keep the cost low. These collaborations resulted in some cute looking clothes that didn't quite fit right or consisted of horrible materials. I think Missoni is an ideal collaboration (and I hope I'm not speaking too soon) because the brand's main focus is their iconic prints. Therefore, I expect Target to put it's best foot forward by producing Missoni print emblazoned versions of all the fairly good quality clothing, accessories and home goods we know they can make.

Cardigans will be my priority as far as clothing goes. Sweater dresses are not my friend and even though I like an accordion pleat, I'm not sure about going quite as long as the one pictured left. I wear a lot of cardigans so my hardest choice will be weather I want to go fitted or long and loose, or both.
I'm excited to see Missoni prints on shoes. I like these understated heels, and I'd totally go for a pair of print rain boots (if they decide to carry them in an 11).
I am going to go racing into Target on debut day to nab the prismed rose print scarf and a pair of tights. I'm just undecided about which pair of tights.
I think I'm ready for a winter scarf update. The women's scarf, pictured left, looks cute, but I'm much more keen on the purple chevron scarf pictured with the menswear scarves. It matches my gloves.
I love the men's ties. I may do some early Christmas shopping and get one for my dad. And if I find something better between September and Christmas, I can always just keep it for myself.
The girls (and even baby girls) aren't left out of the Missoni print frenzy. I want this little rose coat to come in my size, and even though they picture a similar pair of flats for grown-ups, I wish ours had the gathered heels like the girls flats. Those always fit me better. Which Missoni items are you planning to grab? Are you more excited about the fashion or the home goods? I'll be honest, the home good are really enticing. (Plates! Picture frames! Pillows!) I'm also planning to pick up some Missoni office supplies and storage boxes to brighten up my workday. You can check out the entire line on The Cut Blog.


I'm a bit excited about the whole Missoni Target thing. I've never really been a name brand person. But I love Missoni's iconic print. I'm also pleased that I won't have to break the bank to wear a high end designer.
Fanya said…
I really REALLY wanted the bike. Except I don't ride bike here, where there's no bike lane. Dammit.

Oh, I'm settling for the floppy hat, laptop case, and stack of cups (if they are porcelain and not plastic).

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