Love or Loathe: Poetic Licence's Other Shoes

When Poetic Licence isn't being breathtakingly fabulous, they're at least still interesting.

The "Apple Of My Eye" looks like it's wearing a Rosie the Rivitor style head scarf. Does it work?
Were less of the "Dance All Night" platform, I would like it, but I feel there are too many ruffles. The ankle strap looks more like a festive shackle. A festive shackle for enslaved Flamenco dancers. The red version is even worse.

"Invincible Summer" may be my least favorite of the bunch. Everything about it looks cheap. The whipstitch looks like plastic Easter grass. The woven heel is actually a print. My skin blisters just looking at the ankle strap. The cut seems askew. Or is all of that in my head?Spoke too soon. "Moonlight Dancer" is my least favorite. It makes me think of skin tight pants, tube tops and big hair. Does it have any redeeming qualities?


Elizabeth said…
I think there's a delicate balance of too much glam and add-ons, and just enough to make it unique and interesting. In my opinion, with pumps and platform heels like the ones you have pictured, the balance shifts more towards the "too much stuff" side, because there's already attention being drawn from the height. To me, Poetic License flats and kitten heels can get away with more because the shape is more subtle.
becca said…
Like Elizabeth said, with the height and the platform and all the add on it's just too much stuff.

Also, my brain is now stuck on inventing the epic tale of an enslaved Flamenco dancer and her plight to break free from her festive shackles.

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