Etsy Shop of the Week: Star of the East

Shop: Star of the East

As a child growing up in Metro Detroit, I made countless summertime trips to Northern Michigan for family vacations, camping trips with friends, lighthouse tours and weekends at various cottages owned by friends and family. These trips almost always involved plenty of splashing in lakes, playing on sandbars and proving that a girl could totally put a worm on a hook (I no longer possess a desire to prove this). By the middle of August every year these trips were winding down and my mother was forcing me to empty my bags and backpacks of the sea shells, rocks, twiggs and other natural treasures I'd dragged back from trips so I could make way for new pencils and school books. Star of the East's shop filled with jewelry made from the same natural wonders I collected each summer brings back the warm, fuzzy feeling of summers past, tiny treasures now discarded and this time of year when summer begins to give up it's hazy days for the crisp, cool snap of fall. Only, I'm sure my mother would have let me keep these treasures and maybe even wear them the first day of school.

Price Range: $24 - $410

Links: Blog / Starbags Etsy Shop / Star of Supplies Etsy Shop / Gifts & Stars Etsy Shop

Favorite Items: Top Row:
Delicate Balances Asymmetric Moonstone Necklace $274
Lila Tatting Flower Earrings $33
Sea Urchin Pink Copper Flower Necklace $54
Bottom Row:
Moonstone and Crystal Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings Bridal Set $410
Shell and Flower Necklace $64
Mars Long Tassel Necklace $64
Pictured Top Right: A Piece of the Ocean With Me Necklace $34


Anonymous said…
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