Book-Toting Bags

Chances are we all have several bags worthy of toting books, computers or work-related documents. I know I do. However, I'm extremely hard on my bags. I went through several in college. I tend to over stuff them until the straps tear or break a pen so the ink soaks everything. After college, the things I needed to tote changed so my totes had to change too. This means I have quite a collection of bags yet always find myself needing a new one for something. Top:
Flap-Front Handle Tote, Bluefly, $77
Convertible Crossbody/Backpack, Macy's, $54
Recycled Seatbelt Messenger, Overstock, $73.99
Mailbag-Inspired Crossbody, Nordstrom, $32
Floral Print Backpack, Dillards, $98
Retro Nylon Tote, Macy's, $53.99
Buckle Envelope Bag, Nordstrom, $36
Suede Contrast Tote, Urban Outfitters, $49.99
Drawstring Backpack, Topshop, $66


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