$300 Challenge: Back to School

Between your summer job savings and money you got from your mother, you have $300 to spend on back-to-school clothes. Do you buy one head-to-toe outfit or pieces in mix and match with what you already have? How about a bit of both? A few key trendy items will freshen up your closet.

To fully take advantage of the 70s revival, snatch up something crochet like this Urban Outfitters dress on sale for $39.99, a folksy embroidered tunic (Forever 21 $22.80), and a glorious pair of flared jeans (Old Navy $36.94). This trend has been around the last few seasons and looks like it will be on an upswing through next year. So you may already have long chains, furry vests, and platform shoes at your disposal for boho fun.
Transfer Student

Hemlines are dropping. Trade in your minis for a knee length or slightly longer skirt in a fall palette. I'm loving this plain teal skirt from Mod Cloth ($29.99). (Yes, I do think of teal as a fall color.)
Flutter Heart

Hemlines may be going down, but crop tops are making a comeback. I may be in the minority, but a crop sweater (ASOS $20.69) would be fantastic for fall's layering. So let's find something to layer under. I'm fond of this 3/4 sleeve tee (on clearance for $19.95 at Anthropologie) as the collar will add extra fun to an outfit but can be covered without bulk as well. A light, lacy cami (ASOS $22.41) will do little to keep you warm, but it will give a whiff of spring either peeking out from under a sweater or worn over a heavy dress.

College Is For Napping

For a splurge, either go with a great jacket or a great shoe. This short sleeved, pink lined kimono sleeve jacket (ASOS $86.20) would add a casual feminine touch to anything you wear. Speaking of casual femininity, these leather ribbon-trimmed sneakers (Betsey Johnson's "Drrew" at Nordstrom $89.95) are perfectly cute for dashing to class.
Sweet Like Candy

Unfortunately, getting both will break the bank. Which do you choose?


Jennifer Wells said…
I say shoes! Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Also, teal is a very interesting choice as a fall color. Well done.
Fanya said…
It depends. If there's a head-to-toe outfit I want and didn't have in my closet, I would find cheap version and go for it. I brought want-pieces to go with my closet for the summer. Fortunately/unfortunately the back to school wishlist items are all disappointing and being returned, so the saving will go toward the turquoise loafer from Anthropologie you featured. Will buy as soon as there's a couple more review or price goes down.

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