Project Design: If You Steal My Sunshine

Project Design is our friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This song has been stuck in my head since someone closed the blinds while I was working and I responded, "Hey, you stole my sunshine." I figure by passing this song (embedded here) along to you, it will have an effect like The Ring video so I won't have it stuck in my head anymore (but it will be stuck in yours, ha ha).

Catchy/annoying songs aside, which bit of sunshine will keep you happy even on dreary days indoors?

Lemon Drop Glass Cluster Earrings by FortyfourOranges
Circus Collection Ring by hannahnaomi
Lemone Lentil Bracelet by designbybehin
Bright Yellow Floral Charm Necklace by MEJCollection
Yellow Gingham Heart Stud Earrings by tizzalicious
Bead Braided Bangle Bracelet by LiliansTreasure


Jael Paris said…
They lyric is steal? I had no idea! I just always mumble that part.
Lucy B said…
I always love this song, thank you for posting it, it was a happy moment :-)
Lucy B said…
But I'm a french speaker and I thaught it was "if you're still my sunshine" :-)

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