$150 Challenge: Gardening Digs

I've planted a small herb garden, which requires a bit more tending than I'd like. I'm not the gardening type. I'm just the cooking-with-fresh-herbs type. Last year my herb garden failed. I'm hoping for some better success this year with a little more effort. When gardening, I like loose, lightweight clothes, a hat to repel a sunburn and simple sandals. I'm also curious to try this moisturizing sunscreen/insect repellant combo since it sounds like the ultimate summer skin product. This whole look costs under $90 so you'll have plenty of money left for cute gardening tools (and a trip to the farm stand should your garden turn out like mine did last year).
$150 Challenge: Gardening Digs

Flutter sleeve top, Buckle, $21.50
Chambray Capri Pants, Old navy, $24.97
Braided Sandals, Forever 21, $16.80
Floppy Straw Hat, Charlotte Russe, $12.50
Skin So Soft Bug Guard SPF 30 Sunscrenn, Avon, $14


Jennifer Wells said…
A lot of herbs such as lavender and thyme thrive on neglect. Don't over water! Good luck.
becca said…
Thanks Nora! I think I over watered my mint last year...

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