Weekend Fashion Find: McQueen Paper Dolls

As a child, I loved paper dolls. They usually had amazing paper clothes (unlike Barbie, who wasn't as stylish back then and didn't have the abundance of clothes paper dolls offered). When my family lived in our first house, I had the treat of visiting our neighbors across the street, Hans and Marianne. Marianne let me play with her stunning vintage paper dolls. The clothing was extravagant; the papers were delicate and textured. I have never since seen such intricate paper dolls. (Also, their backyard looked like a fairytale garden. I though I was visiting some sort of enchanted land. I was probably four-years-old).

I imagine these Alexander McQueen paper dolls would recreate that magical fashion experience. This set includes three dolls and over 30 paper recreations of Alexander McQueen's most famous designs. Alexander McQueen Fashions: Recreated in Paper Dolls is available on Amazon for $9.99.


Unknown said…
I also loved my paper dolls more than my Barbie dolls for the same reason! And I started drawing in order to design clothes for my dolls. As an adult, I have collected many of these paper doll book series--this one would be a great addition!
Cait Throop said…
Ohhhhh I loved paper dolls when I was young...My Mom used to let me have the paper doll in McCalls mag--not half as glamerous as these!!! How wonderful!!!
rachel said…
Oh my god, WANT!!

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