Love or Loathe: Too Many Ruffles?

In March, I called Meadham Kirchhoff's Fall 2011 show "Helena Bonham Carter as mistress of a Catholic school for troubled young girls." This ruffly dress from The Gap would belong to one of those students, the one who sneaks into the bathroom for a smoke. She's all ripped stockings and smudged eyeliner. In that circumstance, I like this dress. The reviews are pretty positive, but it's a little...slouchy. I certainly wouldn't wear it with the belt. What do you think? Does it help to know it's on sale?


Fanya said…
I have seen dresses/skirts with way more ruffles than this and look way prettier.

It's not the amount of ruffle, but the color, placement and shape make them look so droopy, ragged and lazy instead of fluttery, girly and pretty.
Jael Paris said…
I feel like they're placed in a manner as to purposely make you look lumpy.
Jennifer Wells said…
Somehow, the black one looks best.
becca said…
This is one of those dresses that if it fits just right and the ruffle hit the perfect part of your body, it could be a cool, slubbly, casual look. Otherwise, the ruffles will just make you look lumpy.
Vicki said…
I very much want to try this dress on. I think the boobage I've got would make the top look more tailored than droopy, but there's no way to know unless/until I get my hands on one.

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