I Hope That Decade Doesn't Become Retro

When discussing what needed to be removed from my closet, becca and I started having high school flashbacks. Do you remember in the late 90s how everyone was wearing those awful tear-away pants? To this day, the idea of an ankle length cargo skirt makes becca shiver. While some people are celebrating the return of 90s "fashion," we prefer to keep our closet trauma in the past.

Years ago, we asked you what your favorite fashion era was. Now we want to know what retro style to you want to stay confined to thrift stores. Feel free to pick more than one decade.

Okay, so maybe the Saved by The Bell photo from Starpulse doesn't illustrate early 90s fashion that well, but how could I not share it with you?


Taylor said…
I graduated high school in '98 and completely agree with you. Maybe it's that connection - whatever timeframe you were in high school, that's what you don't want to see ever come back! (The Justin Timberlake/Andy Sandburg compilations on SNL are very reminiscent of the "look.")

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