Etsy Shop of the Week: Love, June

Shop: Love, June

Why We Love It: The first day of summer is still a way off, but I consider June summer anyway. And now that "summer" has arrived, and it has stopped raining constantly, I can't think of a better way to celebrate then by frolicking through a meadow in these lovely, vintage-inspired Love, June dresses.

Price Range: $116.25 - $565

More Info: Find more from Love, June on Facebook and Twitter.

Favorite Items: Georgia Hand Draped Silk Chiffon Gown $465 (pictured); Yuki Silk Kimono Crepe Gown $565; Risa Flutter Sleeve Silk Charmeuse Bridal Gown $395; Maria Silk Duppioni Party Dress $225; Evette Charmeuse One Shoulder Cocktail Dress $195


Susanelle said…
Frolicking in a meadow in a long dress always looks so great... but I can't imagine doing it, really. After two minutes of mosquito bites and snagging my hem on weeds, I'd be "Let's go get a drink at that gazebo over there."
becca said…

So many pretty summer-y dresses make me feel like twirling in a meadow, but you're right. Actually doing it would be a problem. I'm allergic to nature so I don't even think I could handle two minutes in any sort of meadow-like setting.

Drinks at the gazebo, however, sounds awesome.
That dress looks AMAZING!

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