Etsy Shop of the Week: Fable & Fury

Shop: Fable & Fury

Why We Love It: I love Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price, Owls and Edgar Allen Poe. I also love cameos and silhouettes. That's why I love Fable & Fury, an Etsy shop full of quirky laser-cut steel jewelry.

Price Range: $19 - $48

Links: Website, Facebook

Favorite Items: Alfred Hitchcock Cameo Silhouette Necklace $26 (pictured); Woodland Owl Silhouette Necklace $23; Vincent Price Cameo Necklace $26; Edgar Allan Poe Raven Cameo Necklace $26; Victorian Raven Deer Silhouette Necklace $29; Conjoined Siamese Twin Skeleton Necklace $26; Key to Your Heart Ornate Lock and Key Necklace $26


Jennifer Wells said…
How cool! My friend's dad once had lunch with Vincent Price when he (the dad) worked at Sears.

I choose to believe that Mr. Price had sincere intentions.
becca said…
That's a fascinating link! Thanks for sharing.

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