Body Shapers

This is the first summer in maybe a decade that I haven't had a wedding to go to. (Baby showers, however...) This is slightly amusing because I both just got a new dress to wear to weddings, and have also decided to invest in a good body shaper.

Let me be very clear, I do not want a body shaper because I don't like my body. I look fine. However, the shiney, clingy fabrics we often wear for special occasions have a way of pulling in the wrong places, magnifying bumps and installing a neon sign by your panty line. Thankfully, Fig Leaves has you covered (and sucked in).
Top: strapless body briefer $66
tummy control panty $36.75
corselette with garters $67.50
Bottom: waist and thigh pants $43
waist and thigh slip $50


becca said…
I really like the waist and thigh slip. That wold be perfect under pencil skirts and fitted jersey dresses when regular slips are too full and create wrinkles.
Unknown said…
OMG, thank you!!
I'ma go shopping today, since I'm going to wear a strapless dress for a friend's wedding, yo just provided me with my solution!

GossipGrl said…
Have you heard anything about that Skweez Couture line? Suppose to be really upscale and sexy.

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