Pick of the Week: OPI's Black Shatter

Katy Perry did something that doesn't irritate me! She recently teamed up with OPI to release a line of nail polishes in lurid Vegas colors. Not so interesting. But the mini collection was topped off with Black Shatter, a black polish that gives your manicure a crackle effect.Black Shatter is sold out in most stores, but you can pick it up from Amazon for $11. There's also a cheaper version of black crackle polish from MIA for only $5.45

If any of you have tried crackle polish, tell us what you think!


rachel said…
How I wish that we had interesting nail polish here! (Also that OPI didn't cost about $25 a pop!) Silly Japan Land.
Cait Throop said…
Ha, ha...we don't have interesting nail polish here either in way upstate NY! Awesome!
Rachel said…
FUN!! If I get some of that my youth group girls are going to be sooo jealous!

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