Project Design: I Want Candy!

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Spring always makes me want candy. Maybe it's the break in mood after a long winter. Maybe it's the candy-colored blooms everything. Maybe it's because my birthday is in Spring so I revert to a childlike state in which candy is practically currency. Whatever the cause may be, I want candy! Which fashion candy below do you want most?

Candy, 2-way Canvas & leather Bag by HOWEVER
Pink Candy Fascinator by kittydevile
Candy Phrase Cuffs by fosterweld
Marshmallow Twist Bobby Pins by shayaaron
Lollipop and Bubble Gum Apron by sjcnace4
Sweet Pearls Candy Necklace by Kawaii4U
Frosted Sweet Candy Earrings by WorkshopPelican


Unknown said…
What a fun idea! All of the pieces are cute but my favourite would ahve to be the bracelets. They remind me of Valentine hearts :)

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