Pick of The Week: Gleeful and Chic

Did you know bright colors and color blocking are popular right now? Have we said that enough? Forgive the onslaught, but it's refreshing after that horrible winter of camel. If you only want to dabble in bright colors (or make sure your bold look is properly tipped) try OPI for Sephora's limited edition Glee collection. With turquoise, metallic peacock blue, metallic purple, hot pink, metallic lime your fingers will be Glee-ful indeed.

But there's another swing in the pendulum. Maybe you want something calm to go with your highlighter yellow maxi skirt or maybe you just want camel to come back. Personally, I'm in love with the smokey purple-grey of OPI for Sephora's Metro Chic. It's a great everyday color to compliment or contrast whatever you're wearing.


Jennifer Wells said…
Those are nice! You might also want to check out this brand of nail polish:


They're non-toxic and I don't see a single color that I don't like.

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