Oxfords for Summer

Oxfords have been gaining in popularity for a while now. They're more comfortable than ballet flats which can cut your Achilles and bite the tender skin by your toes. What the traditional oxford is not is breathable. No worries. Here's a selection of cut-out and perforated oxford designs that will air your feet as the weather gets warmer.
Top: dove grey leather and canvas cut-out, J. Jill $79.99
gold punched leather, Lucky "Christa" on Endless $55.17
pink saddle shoes, Jeffrey Campbell "Lookbook" at Nordstrom $109.95
Bottom: whip-stitch woven oxford, Urban Outfitters $29.99
cut-out golf shoe, Jeffrey Campbell "Kelley" at Nordstrom $109.95
black lace oxford, Nine West "Gilderoy" $130

What they make up for in comfort, oxfords may lack in versatility. I could wear them all the time, but they work with my quirky style. If you're hesitant, they work best with something with geeky, retro or androgynous overtones. Check out some of my styling suggestions on our facebook.


I have one pair - but a black one, so it's not for spring/summer. I should buy nude one.

Hugs from Poland
Monika from
Caitlin said…
Super cute! I love UO's shoes. They fit so well and don't get ruined very easily

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