Five Ways to Wear a Short Prom Dress

Short prom dresses are all the rage this season. While my favorite prom dresses tend to be akin to ball gowns -- that is, floor length, regal, fit for a princess -- there are a number of excellent short-skirt options available. And a number of absolutely atrocious ones, too. If you fancy a short prom dress, here are five examples of styles that work, and why they'll keep you looking stylish (and not like you should be standing on a street corner).

Bubble skirts are a darling, whimsical way to add that princess feel to a dress without having to haul a ball gown around all night long. Plenty of coverage on top and a bold flower detail make this version special, and a dark but bold color stands out in a sophisticated way.


If you have your heart set on a slim-cut style, there are ways to wear it tastefully. The biggest key to remember here: if you're going to show that much leg, be modest on top. It's all about balance. The embellished neckline on this dress (in the color of the season!) gives you coverage without sacrificing any style.


Heart set on a short dress, but fear you're not dainty enough to pull it off? Nonsense! This gorgeous number is perfect for anyone with curves. Wide straps let you wear supportive undergarments while light, fluttery fabric flatters everything you've got. And a beautifully defined waist is a great look on everyone.


Perhaps you've wanted to stand out with a bright color with lots of sparkle, but don't want to be too over the top. A short dress is a great way to rock an adventurous design without looking like you stumbled into a kindergartner's craft class on the way to the event.


Last but certainly not least, this adorable black strapless dress is something that can stay in your closet long past prom. The rosette detail keeps it from being boring, and lots of movement in the skirt will be plenty of fun on the dance floor.

Regardless what style suits you best, remember to do two tests before purchasing any dress. Put your arms over your head and shimmy, then squat and sit. If you can do those two without any wardrobe malfunctions, you're good to go!

Oh, and brides to be? This can also double as a guide for choosing short bridesmaids dresses. All of these would be appropriate wedding attire for a summer event!

Grape purple bubble dress from Windsor $53, sizes S, L
Darby-Punch Pink dress from Windsor $120, sizes 3-13
Trixxie sleeveless banded empire dress from Macy's $79, sizes 1x-3x
Jump strapless glitter dress from Dillard's $149, sizes 1-3, 7-11
Speechless dress from Macy's $47, medium only!


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