White Dresses for Spring... And Murder

Did you hear that Miss Marple is being remade with Jennifer Garner as the titular detective? No doubt Agatha Christie is rolling in her grave at the thought of her unassuming elderly sleuth who solves crimes over tea and fresh cut roses from her garden being turned into an energetic, sultry American who most likely will also kick butt. (I have no idea what the plan is, but it's Hollywood so chances are good it will be done wrong.)

While watching an episode of the correct Miss Marple the other day, I was quite taken with the white halter shirtdress a character was wearing -- down to the full 50s skirt and rhinestone brooch at the base of her neck. Simply lovely. Of course, if you're a pretty young women in a delicate state of mind wearing white on such a show, you're bound to stumble across a freshly stabbed body who you must then hold to yourself in shock before wandering around in your blood-stained white dress all dramatic like. She preformed the task deftly.

What? You expected a post about "fresh" and "crisp" dresses being trendy for spring? That's no fun at all.
Top: a-line cotton peasant dress, Macy's $99
pocket detailed sheath, Liz Claiborne at JC Penney's $39.99
lace shift dress, Anthropologie $178
simple cotton maxi dress, ASOS $53.79
Bottom: pintuck shirtdress, Ann Taylor Loft $69.50 (Plus they're having a 40% sale!)
cutey pleat dress, Mod Cloth $67.99
sleeveless trench dress, Calvin Klein on Bluefly $89
one-sleeve mini goddess dress, Rillar & Fount at Revolve Clothing $149


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