Weekend Fashion Find: Initial Here

When it comes to bags we've discussed that we love prints, but many of the popular print bags are a little crazy for us. What if you could pick your print and personalize it? That's what Initials, Inc. lets you do. They offer a ton of products from purses to totes to makeup bags, and they even offer home goods like print cooler buckets, plates and fabric bins.

First you pick your product (like the satchel pictured here). Then you pick your print. Finally, you pick your personalization. You can put your Initials on your purse or have your makeup bag greet you with "Hello Gorgeous." You could gift all your bridesmaids with personalized totes or label the laundry bins so your family knows what goes where. There are even backpacks for kids with prints and personalization they can pick out themselves. The possibilities really are endless. Visit Initials, Inc. and click the shop link to check out their products.


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