Love or Loathe: Vera Bradley

We don't get it. We're print nuts, and we don't understand the crazed rush that Midwestern women (or is this a national frenzy?) have when they hear there's a Vera Bradley sale. When the colors and patterns in her prints are toned down, the items shine, but most of the prints are garish. Adding to our confusion is that the same women who question pairing green with brown will carry an orange and purple paisley wallpaper Vera Bradley bag with matching wallet. Can anyone explain this phenomenon?
My rabbit looked at this picture and typed =[


Jess K. said…
I told a co-worker the other day I liked her bag and she immmediately brightened up and said, "Vera Bradley sale!" *inwardly cringning*

I like bright colors, but agreed, most of it is a bit much.
Su said…
In general I do not like quilted bags, especially the print bags. They make me think the woman has no taste.

Your rabbit has a good eye.
Kasmira said…
I'm not a fan either. Ugh.
Annie said…
Nope, I don't get it either. They've got the look that perhaps aspires towards Lilly Pulitzer. I will say that the two smaller clutches in that photo are cute, but that's because they're youthful. The bigger ones just look matronly.
Rachel said…
Umm... I don't love them, but I don't loathe them either (in general). They can be nice. Not really my personal style, but tons of women at my church are Vera Bradley nuts and their bags work for them. So yeah, as long as the print isn't too nasty I'm ok with them.

I love that you and your bunny agree on fashion ;)
Amy said…
I own one! But, only in the "Poppy Fields" print (not shown in the above non-bunny approved picture). I have the huge luggage bag and it is amazing. That being said, I definitely do not like any of the other floral or paisley prints.
LyddieGal said…
I love the prints, but not so much on bags. I'd be all over the stationary though.

I think my #1 issue with them is that there is no average age to the customer. In the same day I saw both a 13 year old, a middle aged mom, and a grandmother all carrying a Vera bag in the same print.

Incidentally, the same print on the bag a friend gave me as a gift.

I've carried it once or twice to be polite, but I'm not in love with it.

Chic on the Cheap
Jael Paris said…
I think I'm okay with Vera Bradley stuff as a wallet, change purse or something else small. Makes the print less over-whelming.
kaye said…
siI love the print!
Bethany Snoke said…
Yeah, the patterns are sometimes too loud. I used to hate them. Then I was given one in a muted navy as a gift. I fell in love with them due to all the nifty pockets. The products are well made, and much thought goes into the designs - they are practical and pretty. The appeal is obvious - bright, cheerful colors, affordability (priced a LV lately?), and styles that cover a broad demographic.

I really don't follow fashion all that much - I dress modestly yet modern, and in classic styles and colors. What better to make my outfits POP that a beautiful VB print? I love a lot (not all) of the patterns. They are cheerful and happy. I don't care if they are matronly or "old-lady".

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