Weekend Fashion Find: Fashion Plate

In 30 years when every reality show has 5 to 50 spinoffs, it only makes sense that Hoarders and Intervention will get together to create Hoarders Prevention Intervention. This show will focus on friends and family who worry about a loved one's habits of gathering too much of something. They will sit that person down and tell them their newspaper or tattered sock collection has surpassed eccentric and become a problem on the verge of ruining everyone's life.

If this show actually waits 30 years to be created, my friends and family will be sitting me down to tell me I can't have any more dinnerware. I'm obsessed with plates, which is why I'm probably better off broke because I would buy a new set a month. Every time a plate or set of plates catches my eye I envision the perfect setting--a chocolate party (I actually have plates for this!), a tour of Asian cuisine (got plates for this too), a jewelry or accessory selling party (yep, I have those too), or a crazy wig High Tea.

I don't have plates for that, but these Ladies-In-Waiting Dishes from Anthropologie ($24 each) would be perfect. We'd eat elaborate bite-sized pastries created in vibrant pastels a' la Marie Antoinette while wearing crazy wings and huge, candy-colored frocks. Doesn't that sound fun? And it absolutely requires these plates, right?


Alison said…
Ooo, I can so picture the crazy wig high tea. That would be so much fun!

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