Project Design: Put a Royal Ring On It

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Today's big fashion story is the royal wedding dress. Join our discussion on Facebook. If you'd like to image you're own fairy tale, one of these royal rings may be just the special touch you need. Which one would make you feel like a princess?

Princess Diana Replica Ring by gemsbeads
Waverly Cubic Zirconia Ring by EntranceStrategy
The Princess Ring by wexfordjewelers
Victorian Cameo Ring by cinsationalbaubles
Tiara Diamond Band by 360Diamonds
Royal Crest Ring by HModine
Vintage Rhinestone Cocktail Ring by ClassicKeepsakes


Catie. D said…
I know it's a little tacky to want a Princess Di ring, what with all the "GET YOUR RING FOR ONLY $19.95 REAL CUBIC ZIRCONIA GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!" ads in the paper and on television, but I love it so much =D
Jael Paris said…
We had so many copies of that Princess Di ring at the shop when I was a kid. I never knew why it was so popular. I loathed it.

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