Love or Loathe: Nature Print

I can't decide if this blouse is youthful or retirement center. Is it fun with all the birds and a leopard with butterfly wings or is it just too much noise? Does it look like a bizarre take on wallpaper? If a library containing 18th century illustrations of floral and fauna exploded, would this blouse have been born from the wreckage? Thoughts on Anthropologie goods are usually limited to "Cute!" and "I hope that goes on sale," but this one's clearly put me in a tizzy. Please, tell me what to think.


Catie D. said…
The color is amazing, and, if done correctly on the right person, it could totally work - maybe with a leather skirt, long necklaces, and a cute hat. But like I said, only on the right person. Otherwise, it's gonna look like a grandma/couch.
rachel said…
I think the cut puts this in the retirement center. I like the print though. If this were a flouncy skirt, I'd be all over it.
Jennifer Wells said…
I agree, a different cut and maybe it could be alright.
I think it depends on what you wear it with. If you pair it with skinny jeans, platform sandals and dangle earrings it would be cute.

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