In Memoriam: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was an extraordinary beauty who could wear the simplest of slips or the most elaborate of costumes with the same stunning effect. Her personal style is a bit tricky to pin down as it evolved constantly throughout her career.

Many times, especially early in her career, she chose to simply let her beauty shine in elegant gowns and simple accessories.

And sometimes she chose to go all out adorning herself in ornate jewels and over the top ensembles.

Taylor's most famous accessory was the unique violet color of her eyes. In fact, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof was supposed to be filmed in black and white, which was considered more artistic. However, when Taylor and her violet eyes were cast along with Paul Newman and his sharp blue eyes, the director insisted on shooting in color.

Her piercing eyes and spirited acting allowed her to transform simple costumes into the powerful ensembles and kept elaborate costumes from overpowering her. Twice, in BUtterfield 8 and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, she made the everyday slip, a common undergarment at the time, seem like sexiest thing a woman could wear.

When she played Cleopatra, the beauty Queen of the Nile's gilded costumes and painted makeup never overpowered Elizabeth Taylor. She wore them like a queen.

Taylor is often remembered as vixen, drama queen and serial bride, but her roles in life and film were much more varied than that. A young Taylor played a determined girl trying to tame her horse in National Velvet.

She also took a turn as a mentally fragile southern belle in Raintree County.

What is your favorite Elizabeth Taylor fashion moment? And which of her films do you remember for the clothes?


Jael Paris said…
I will get that white dress from Cat. I love that play and she looks so hot in the movie.

Not fashiony at all, but she was killer in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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