Cute Socks

Japan ruined me on socks. They have the cutest and funkiest designs, and they wear them with everything. Ballet flats, sandals, boots -- everything has the perfect sock. I've even been warming to the idea of socks and sandals worn here in the states, but it can only work under certain conditions. First of all, your outfit needs a certain degree of retro kitsch or fashion nerd for it to work. If you're going for chic, classy, edgy or anything of that ilk, you'll just look like a dofus. Second, you can't just wear any socks. Sheer and colorful work best; they're more like a version of tights.Top: ruffle sheer anklet, Betsey Johnson $15
teal sheer footie, Steve Madden $6
crochet crew socks, Sock Dreams $10
rose pattern sheer anklet, Jessica Simpson at DSW $6.95
Bottom: knee high sheer socks, Calvin Klein at ASOS $10.76
high sheer baggy socks, DSW $9.95
mesh ankle wrap footies, Urban Outfitters $12
peacock socks, Mod Cloth $8.99


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