Celebrity Inspiration for Special Occasion Hair

Hair isn't really my thing. My m.o. lately has been to cram a hat on my head before popping out the door. Not surprisingly, when I have an event coming up, I frequently scramble at the last moment trying to figure out my hair. My standard is to do the opposite of my daily routine. Taylor Swift, famous for her curly locks, has provided a few examples of that lately by straightening her tresses for big occasions.

She's not the only celebrity who's been letting her hair down lately. It seems most women at awards shows this year went for loose locks with casual waves. That can be fine if you normally wear your hair up, but I do like a little more effort for a night out. Reese Witherspoon and Dianna Agron amped up this style simply by pulling it away from their faces. Reese with a headband and retro bump and Dianna with a diamond pin.

A good hair accessory can enliven even a lack-luster hair style. (It's also a great idea for short hair.) Hillary Swank's teased chignon isn't anything to write home about, but the beautiful crystal and enamel pin makes it special. If you don't want to add another ounce of jewelry, try a braided bun a'la Mandy Moore. (Perfect for dancing the night away at prom or your friend's wedding!)


ninam said…
Taylor Swift's hair makes me look like a monster that came out of a sewer. Great example though! :)

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