Book Review: Fashion Design Course

Book: Fashion Design Course by Steven Faerm

Overview: An introduction to the world of fashion design, this book covers design history, famous designer, the design process, example design assignments and a guide to the professional design world.

Pros: This introduction doesn't limit itself clothing design, and it doesn't try to be a sewing course. Instead, it offers fashion history, a crash course on famous designers and a guide to jobs in the industry and how to break in with all the fashion design advice as well. This book even talks about putting together a portfolio and includes interview with fashion professionals about interviewing and getting started.

Even if you don't want to be a fashion designer, this book has a lot to offer. It's an excellent resource for anyone who thinks they would like to be involved in the fashion world or wants to know more about fashion. If you want to explore a career as a stylist, buyer, fashion writer or even blogger, this book will jump start your learning process.

Cons: Since this book is such an excellent basic overview, it's hard to find fault. It's kind of like a drive-thru course in fashion design. Even though it lists some internet resources, it fails to point the reader toward more reading and clear next steps for learning more.

Favorite Tidbits: The book is packed with basic info that doesn't really lend itself to strong tidbits, but here are a couple of the assignments in the book that sounded fun.
  1. Create a mood board for a creative endeavor (be it a fashion line, a room redesign or a theme party) using images, textures and inspirations that express your ideas. Make a physical board or use Polyvore to make a virtual mood board.
  2. Explore architecture. Pay attention to lines, shapes, colors and textures that could inspire new outfits.


Harry Hilders said…
Thanks for the review, Becca.
I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.

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