The Power of Accessories

When I was in high school, we begged for uniforms. I went to a private school with a super strict dress code that was almost impossible to fulfill, let alone do so fashionably. Uniforms would have been a lot cheaper (and we could have had cool non-school clothes). Plus, we all knew we could express ourselves with our accessories.

Lately, I've been noticing accessories on several people. The cashier at my local pizza place has to wear a company polo shirt with jeans under an apron. There isn't a lot of room for her style, but she always has a bright, fun flower in her hair. It speaks volumes. Pictured:
Rose Hair Pin, Amazon $7.99 (13 colors)
Spring Flowers Hair Clip, Forever 21 $1.50 (2 colors)
From A Seed Clip, Anthropologie $18 (2 styles)
Enticing Pink Flower Hair Clip, Target $3.99

My physical therapist spends her workdays in scrubs and tennis shoes, but her fun earrings and simple, elegant cross necklace make her look well put together. This jewelry doesn't get in the way of her job, and still lets her showcase her personality. Pictured:
Silver Openwork Earrings, Lucky $35
Simple Vera Drop Circle Earring, Kohl's $11.70
Kenneth Cole Open Twist Hoops, Macy's $35
Marc Jacobs Hexagon Hoop Earrings, Nordstrom $48

The cashiers at the grocery store have to wear bulky store vests and usually don't invest much thought in the outfit underneath since no one can really see it. People do see their hands, and I've noticed that several of the invest both in amazing manicures and fun rings. Pictured:
OPI Chic Prints Nail Patches, Sephora $15 (13 styles)
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, Amazon $7.29
Black Shatter Nail Kit, Amazon $45
French Manicure Pen Kit, Ulta $9.69

How do you use accessories? Have you noticed any inspiring accessory uses lately?


Anonymous said…
I love the flowers and the nail biz so cute!
sparkleandstorm said…
I'm a physical therapist too!! I always try to wear fun earrings to jazz up my standard black polo.

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