Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011: Christian Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Miu Miu

Who: Christian Dior
What it made us think of: What current designer has the skills to pull from so many historic references and make something so romantic yet modern?
What we liked: sweeping coats, velvet, breeches, darkened jewel tones, boots
What we didn't: All of the events surrounding this show.Who: Sonia Rykiel
What it made us think of: The staff of Britain's chicest elementary school
What we liked: gorgeous colors, plaid, chunky knits, argyle,
What we didn't: disturbingly tight pants, thick fringe, neon stoles
Who: Miu Miu
What it made us think of: If Joan Crawford and Edie Bouvier designed the uniforms for Sonia Rykiel's school.
What we liked: hips, large frame bags, glittery shoes, bird prints
What we didn't: shoulders that were either too slouchy or too stiff, the baseball uniforms

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Anonymous said…
I just love a good Joan Crawford vibe. Great post!

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