Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011: The Japanese Designers

Who: Comme des Garçons
What it made us think of: Victor Victoria in an ornate traveling circus
What we liked: Menswear/womenswear combo looks, mixed prints
What we didn't: Half exposed looks
Who: Yohji Yamamoto
What it made us think of: Punk rock troll dolls
What we liked: Dresses, cage skirts, lace, coats, peplum, legwear, boots
Who: Junya Watanabe
What it made us think of: Upscale Rebel Icon Chic
What we liked: Leather, biker jackets, silhouettes, gauzy knitwear
Who: Issey Miyake
What it made us think of: Napkins, origami, nomads, The British, optical illusions, Hoth--Lots of references but hard to find a way to tie them together
What we liked: Geometry, origami looks, colors, legwear, voluminous bottoms, coats
What we didn't: Underboob, crop tops
Who: Tsumori Chisato
What it made us think of: Patrons of an upscale ski lodge snowed in and embroiled in an over the top murder whodunit. Trust no one!
What we liked: Coats, sleeves, colors, sunglasses
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Unknown said…
For me, "hot mess" describes the first two rows. Some of the rest at least seem wearable.

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